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- волновая терапия
Новый метод лечения рака и профилактика онкологических заболеваний

Water purification. Freeze technology. Melt water.




The innovative technology for water purification has been developed and tested on the experimental equipment by the group of young professionals in Kiev (Ukraine). This technology is a natural water purification process - freezing.


Freeze water purification technology purifies water by natural ice formation. Filtrarion- by hydrogen bonding properties of ice build molecular oxygen and hydrogen, rejecting other impurities. The division of the water process, rather than filtering. So we get biologically active defrost water with a natural balance of salts and trace elements, as fresh water melting glaciers and icebergs.


Freeze technology solves the problem of multi-stage and multi-component water treatment by a natural ice formation, without the use of chemicals, expensive replacement of membranes (reverse osmosis).


Melt water - is pure high-quality water, which has a minimum number of deuterium or heavy water, and contains no chlorides, salts and harmful substances and compounds formed by the melting of the ice, and therefore, should be pre-frozen.


The unique properties of melt water are confirmed by researches and clinical trials.



Melt water:

- Normalizes metabolism and blood pressure

- Lowers blood sugar for patients type II diabetes

- Effectively clears an organism of toxins and impurities

- Promotes faster healing and recovery of bone and muscle tissue after injuries

- Has anti-inflammatory effects

- Increases the effects of drugs

- Promotes weight correction

- Protects cells from radiation

- Quickly eliminates signs of alcohol withdrawal.


For today, we are looking for strategic investor to mutually beneficial cooperation in the implementation and promotion of the freeze water purification technology and manufacturing melt water worldwide. 


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